How To Ready Your Man Cave For Football Season

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The first step to creating the perfect man cave for football season is to make sure that the area features all the things that guys love. This could be anything, such as snacks, sports memorabilia, and of course, a television to watch the game on.

If you haven’t already created your man cave, this guide will help you get started. If you already have one, it can help you add that extra special touch that make any sporting event more enjoyable.

Tackle These Common Problems First

Before the next game, you will want to give the area a good cleaning and remove any unnecessary clutter to make room for extra seating. It may also help to plan out the seating to ensure everyone can see the television no matter where they sit.

The best seating layout will vary depending on the size of the room as well as the size of the television. Other factors include other furniture or football cases that are in the room. These can sometimes obscure the view, so check each seat out before the game!

Television size is sometimes a concern when it comes to getting your man cave ready as some televisions may be too small or too bulky.

Flat screen and wide screen televisions are popular as they allow for easy viewing with quality. Sound is another area of concern as the room may get noisy after a key moment during the game. Many opt for a surround sound system and balance it so that the sound is clear and easy to hear from anywhere in the room.

Another common problem when watching sports in a man cave is frequent spills. Guys often forget that their drinks or food are nearby during tense plays, and may knock them over, causing spills and stains.

An easy way to avoid this is to remove carpeting or rugs from the room and replacing it with tile or hardwood. Another, and much easier option, is to look for an inexpensive runner rug that can placed in high traffic areas. Inexpensive table cloths are a great idea for protecting against spills and other messes.

Some may opt for cotton or linen cloths, but many go for disposable plastic table coverings that can tossed after each use. The best part about disposable table coverings is that they make cleaning up after the game simple.

Just gather all the trash in the middle of the covering, wrap it up, and throw it away. Reusable coverings need washing, which can add to the clean up time. No matter which table covering option you choose, make sure that it fits the table or tables that you have.

If you are using several different sizes, then you may need several different coverings as well. Table space often ends up being in short supply but high demand at many football parties.

One inexpensive way around this is to stock up on folding tables and trays to use as needed. The biggest advantage to folding trays and tables is that you can store them in a closet or against the wall when not in use. This frees up valuable floor space for playing games or re-enacting key plays during the game.

Don’t Forget The Snacks!

When you watch sports with friends it becomes more than just a televised event, it becomes an exciting social event. For that reason, it is important to make your man cave the perfect location for watching sports. Food is often a big part of these events, and no football party would be complete without wings and an assortment of chips and dips.

These can prepared at home, catered, or even brought by guests if you prefer a pitch-in style party. Other top food choices for watching the game include finger foods like vegetables, meat rolls, or bite size snacks. The options are wide open, but always keep in mind that guests will likely prefer to eat with their hands instead of with cutlery!

The food can be set up in a variety of ways, such as in a separate room or as a buffet style table if the man cave has enough room. Buffet style is popular because it allows easy access to all the food and friends can serve themselves whenever they want it.

Drinks are another must-have for gatherings, and it is a good idea to plan for a variety of offerings. The tried and true options are a selection of sodas, water, juice, or even beer. Creative options like mixed punch or cocktails can be served as well.

No matter how you plan to serve drinks, make sure there are plenty of cups and lots of ice on hand. If you plan for an all day event, it may help to have a second cooler of ice ready to go for when the first one runs low.

One thing to keep in mind when serving any kind of beverage is how to keep it cold. Some may prefer a mini fridge stocked with options while others may prefer coolers packed with ice to chill them.

Another good option is to line up the soda bottles or cans on a table and provide a large cooler of ice so that guests can fill their own cups. Single serving bottles are an option as well, though this can sometimes cost more.

No matter how you choose to serve the food and drinks, make sure that you have plenty of plates, cups, and napkins on hand. A trash can is another essential to make clean up easy so that guests can throw out their waste.

Make Watching Football Games Memorable

To make friends feel like they are part of the game, make sure your man cave looks the part. Sports memorabilia and decorations are perfect for turning an ordinary room into a sports themed den. The memorabilia can be as simple as framed jerseys or photos, or even autographed collectibles.

Posters and tickets from previous games are other great options for sports themed decorations. Since this is your dedicated space it means you can go all out and personalize it exactly the way you want it.

This could mean having framed jerseys from favorite players, autographed footballs, or souvenirs. As you decorate the room, always keep in mind that those items should be protected against damage and dust. Jerseys are best displayed in cases or frames that will keep away dust and prevent them from fading.

Tickets, posters, and photos should also be displayed in some type of encasing so that they do not get bent or torn.

Another reason they should be enclosed in a protective case is so that no one spills food or drink on them. A popular option during football season is to display footballs around the room. These can be souvenirs, special editions, or even autographed footballs.

While some may be suitable for actual use, they are best displayed in football cases to protect them from ageing or damage.

Author: Michael Azif

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