How To Make Your Child Feel Like An MVP

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If your child isn’t quite ready for the Major Leagues, you can still make them feel like they are! The easiest way to do this is to create a memorable display case featuring keepsakes from their games.

Simple projects like this are the perfect way to celebrate a great game or a milestone during the season. There are many options for the displays, making it easy to create something your children will cherish.

Give Them A Collectible Of Their Own

Children that play in little leagues often dream of hitting their first home run or catching a game-winning ball. Moments like this are easy to preserve forever in professional displays just like the pros do.

Before you get started you will need to figure out what kind of memorabilia you want to use. There are many options for this, such as baseballs, jerseys, helmets, or even ticket stubs.

The type of memorabilia you select will often determine the size and type of baseball display case you need. Simple options, such as a single baseball or mitt, often have smaller cases while jerseys or helmets need larger ones.

For those who want something unique, there are also cases for displaying bases and bats. Cases like these are perfect for celebrating a phenomenal little league game or championship.

Preserve Memories In High Quality Cases

One thing to consider when preserving your child’s sports memories is the type of case you use. Many parents tend to pick the first one they see without making sure that the material can provide protection for the contents.

What often happens is that the contents appear normal for a period of time, then begin to develop discoloration and aging. These common problems may lead to your child’s collectibles becoming damaged. The damage may include yellowing, fading, or brittleness.

To avoid these issues, look for display cases that have UV protection or museum-quality material. These offer the best protection against common issues like fading and discoloration.

High quality protection is essential for cases that may sit in sunny areas of the home, such as near a window. The UV exposure in these locations tends to age sports mementos over time. To avoid this, either limit sun exposure, or choose cases with UV protection.

Other considerations when looking at the different options are what kind of base or mounting you want. Some may prefer a wood base while others might want colored acrylic or even a solid clear acrylic.

The mounting types are important to consider as it impacts how you can display them. Some have to be wall mounted while others are meant to sit on a shelf or desk.

Those who opt for wall mounted displays should consider the total weight of the case and its contents. It is important to make sure you secure it to the wall so that it does not come loose or shift around.

Wall mounted displays are perfect for showcasing a game-winning ball next to a placard or framed print. These are ideal for creating a Hall of Fame in your home. To do this, use several displays to highlight accomplishments during the season.

Other clever ideas for wall mounted displays include preserving their team jersey in a jersey case. Some may add photos next to them to show the big moment in the game, or have the entire team sign it to create a keepsake.

Those who want helmet, bat, or mitt displays may prefer an option intended for shelves or desks. The reason for this is that the displays are often much larger and heavier, which requires more support.

For example, parents may want to create displays every season that feature their child’s helmet. These are often too bulky to wall mount, but are perfect for shelves or desks.

Displays that feature a mitt and baseball together are another top choice for a desk or shelf. These baseball cases can showcase a single ball or several, making it easy to highlight a great pitch or an amazing season.

Add Special Touches To Create Memorable Displays

Special touches can go a long way toward making your child feel like an MVP. These touches include things like autographs, photos, or ticket stubs from games. Engraved nameplates or custom cards are other top options for those who want their child to feel like a star.

To put these ideas to use, first you need to consider the type of sports memorabilia you are going to use. For example, if you are going to use a baseball, have your child autograph it before putting it in the case.

If the ball is from a key game in the season, consider having the entire team sign it. Doing this gives your child a precious reminder of their friends and teammates.

The same idea can apply to a base or home plate from one of the games as they are large enough to hold autographs or even short messages. With these, teammates and coaches can add congratulations or other words of encouragement.

Helmets, jerseys, and shoes can fit in some of the larger baseball cases. These are a great way to remember their first little league season or game, or just to preserve a big event.

Bat and ball displays are another unique way to mark the end of a season. You can make a new one every year, including their favorite bat, or a winning ball. These are often wall mountable, or may sit on a desk.

Another option with this is to use a case designed to hold several bats. An option like this can be the start of a tradition where every year the child adds their bat to the case.

Whether it’s a one time project or a yearly tradition, a baseball display case is the perfect way to make your child feel like a champ. All you need is a little creativity and a few sports mementos!

Author: Michael Azif

Works at Sports Display Cases. Sports enthusiast of sports memorabilia and display cases.