How To Clean the Wooden Frame of Your Display Case

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The regular cleaning of the wooden frame of your display case goes a long way. To help you maintain the frame in the best condition possible, with the least effort needed, we’ve put together a 4-step guide to cleaning the wooden parts of the case along with some useful tips and tricks.

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How To Clean Your Case’s Wooden Frame in 4 Steps

The frames of the sport display cases we offer are made of high-quality material which is more stain and scratch resistant than wood, but also needs proper and regular cleaning in order to serve you and your memorabilia longer.

Follow these 4 simple steps at least once per week to keep the wooden frame of your display case in perfect condition:

  1. Use a clean, dry soft cloth (or a feather duster) to remove any dust off the frame.
  2. Take another clean cloth, dampen it with a bit of water (you can use soapy water too), and go through the entire frame to clean any fingerprints from the frame or other dirt which might have remained in the nooks and crannies of the frame.
  3. Soak up any excess water from the frame, paying attention to the corners where water might have collected.
  4. Optionally, you can treat the frame with an anti-static agent to prevent dust particles to accumulate on the frame.

Useful Tips and Tricks about the Wooden Frame of Your Display Case

The frames of all the display cases offered at Sports Display Cases (including the football, basketball and baseball, hockey and NCAA college display cases, together with the ready made sports frames are made of of high-quality wood with a laminate over it to give the uniform color around the entire frame finish. These frames are not stained and there are some useful things which we want you to know when taking care of them in order to prevent any damage:

  • Always use a microfiber cloth for this particular purpose.
  • Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner to make sure your remove any debris and dust from the frame.
  • Every time you use a new cleaning product, make sure you test a small area of the frame with the cleaning solution that you will be using, to see if the material reacts well.
  • Choose mild cleaning products, anything else, especially ammonia-based solutions, will ruin the frame finish.
  • Keep water and moisture away from your laminated wooden frame.
  • Do not put the frame indirect sunlight.
  • For cleaning the little crevices and cracks along the frame, use a small toothbrush
  • Remember, that a feather duster most of the time will clean your frame
  • If you are cleaning a large display case, e.g. a jersey frame, we suggest that you take it down, and remove the memorabilia from it before cleaning.

How to Remove Scratches From Your Wooden Display Frame?

Scratches look ugly and even tiny ones can ruin the overall look of your display case. To repair a scratch on your laminate wooden frame follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Get a touch up pen or a permanent marker and apply it on the scratches, lightly going over them;
  2. Use a cloth to remove any excess material from the scratches and then buff the surface;
  3. Repeat if not all the scratches have been removed.

The Three Types of Finishes Offered Sports Display Cases:

  • Brown Wood
  • Black Wood
  • Mahogany Wood

Check the colors at to choose the right touch up pen.

While we know we sell the best display cases that will serve you for a long time, we encourage you to take proper care of them. Follow the steps above every other week and the wooden frame of your display case will keep on shining and looking like new.

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