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How To Clean the Wooden Frame of Your Display Case

The regular cleaning of the wooden frame of your display case goes a long way. To help you maintain the frame in the best condition possible, with the least effort needed, we’ve put together a 4-step guide to cleaning the … Continue reading

How To Clean An Acrylic Display Case

To clean your acrylic display case properly you will need the right choice of cloth and cleaning products. The cases we offer at Sports Display Cases feature durable acrylic material that is long lasting and less prone to shattering, as … Continue reading

From Deflategate to Super Bowl

The 2016 National Football League season had a strange start to it for the New England Patriots. Their star quarterback, Tom Brady, did not play in the first four games of the season. He was serving a suspension that dated … Continue reading

The difference between football and soccer: a case in point

Football’s an awesome sport, right? But do you mean gridiron, the all-American game? Or are you talking soccer? Let’s clarify the conundrum:
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How To Make Your Child Feel Like An MVP

If your child isn’t quite ready for the Major Leagues, you can still make them feel like they are! The easiest way to do this is to create a memorable display case featuring keepsakes from their games. Simple projects like … Continue reading

Do I Really Need UV For My Display Case?

Serious sports collectors know that if they want memorabilia to last, they need high quality display cases. If they do not, their items will end up damaged by exposure and handling. The damage that results is often permanent and can … Continue reading

How To Ready Your Man Cave For Football Season

The first step to creating the perfect man cave for football season is to make sure that the area features all the things that guys love. This could be anything, such as snacks, sports memorabilia, and of course, a television … Continue reading